Toddler Programs

Walking changes everything. Your toddler is ready to explore the world on foot. Our program at Lake Shore Schools is tailored to give your toddler the chances to explore in a safe and exciting environment. At this age your child is not only exploring more, but also developing social and language skills. Each day is designed for open play for your toddler to interact with one another and explore the materials and environment around them.

Your Toddler’s Day

The toddler program at Lake Shore is designed around shared learning experiences. The highly trained teachers create an environment where play becomes learning and teachable moments. The structure of a typical day in the life of your toddler includes:

Circle Time

A group activity time that includes, singing songs, reading stories and discussing theme-related topics.


Teacher initiated crafts to develop fine motor skills.


Children have time to sing, dance and play with instruments.

Learning Centers

Children have time to visit centers.  The centers include math, science, dramatic play, reading, sensory and blocks.


Lake Shore Schools offers, breakfast, lunch and snack to nourish health and growth.

Outdoor Time

Outdoor time for the children to develop gross motor skills.

Nap Time

A quiet time for children to sleep on cots in their own classrooms.  

Throughout the day the teachers keep a log of the students.  At the end of the day you will be provided with a record of your child's feeding, sleeping, daipering and learning activities.  The log is to provide constant communication and support between the parents and the teachers.