Preschool Programs

Junior Kindergarten

At Lake Shore Schools we believe that play is a very important part of learning. We foster independence and social-emotional development through classroom routines and activities.  Our classrooms and curriculum are “center based.”  Students explore centers such as dramatic play, reading, writing, blocks, science, computers, math, and art.  As students explore these centers, teachers facilitate play, discovery and conversations.  Students also participate in large and small group activities throughout the day focused on developing skills in various content areas. Each of our Junior Kindergarten classrooms has a certified lead teacher (Type 04 certification).

Program features

  • Adult-Child Ratio 1:10 (maximum of 20 students in a classroom)
  • Monthly educational field trips aligned with the classroom curriculum
  • Regular communication between teacher and family
  • 2 meals and 1 snack provided daily (no additional cost)