2-3 Year Old Programs

As toddlers grow, they begin to test their boundaries, while growing their independence. This is a time where their high energy and curiosity expand their limits of exploration. Our highly trained teachers help your child meet the key milestones of this important developmental stage through stimulating experiences.

Your Child’s Day

While promoting independence it is also important for the children to have a guided plan. Part of the structure is implementing the toilet training process. Lake Shore works with the family to create a positive toileting plan for at school and at home. The typical daily structure for your child might include:

Circle Time

Engaging children in story, song and discussion about theme-related topics.

Learning Centers

Discovery time, both with the teachers and self directed.


Lake Shore Schools offers, breakfast, lunch and a snack to nourish health and growth.

Outdoor Play

A self guided outdoor time to develop gross motor skills.

Nap Time 

A quiet time for the children to rest and sleep on their cots in their own classrooms.

Throughout the day the teachers keep a log for the students. At the end of the day you will be provided with a record of your child’s feeding, sleeping, diapering and learning activities. The log is to provide constant communication and support between the teachers and parents.