About the Teachers 

Our classroom is cheery and well organized. It's full of diversity and creativity. The teachers are consistent, dedicated and caring. We strive to create daily activities that are exciting as well as challenging.

Miss Sarah's favorite part of the day is circle time. The children love to sing and listen to stories. It's the time of day when there is the most laughter and fun. Miss Marilyn's favorite part of the day is the afternoon when all of the children are more relaxed and play together very nicely.

The teachers speak Spanish and English. The children are from homes where Spanish and English are spoken. The parents of the children in our classroom hail from Mexico, America, Ecuador, Bosnia, Nigeria and Guatemala.
In the Bunny Room children are preparing for their next steps into pre-kindergarten. Our goals include early literacy skills such as letter/sound knowledge and math skills such as counting and numeral recognition. We also try to focus on social skills and, of course, potty training.